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Brandhouse August Newsletter

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Connoisseur, the newsletter of Brandhouse Ltd.

Brandhouse is an exciting new development in the hospitality industry that aims to enable Kiwis to enjoy the fast-growing international trend of premium wines and distilled liquors.

In this issue you will read where Brandhouse comes from and of the exciting new range of products we are privileged to represent in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. We firmly believe the New Zealand high-end hospitality market is ready for these premium products that discerning Kiwis have previously found only overseas.

We are committed to expanding this range — and to providing your business with a level and quality of service matching the excellence of the products we represent.

Brandhouse: the new presence in the New Zealand hospitality industry, bringing quality and excellence to the supply of fine wines and premium distilled liquors.

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Jason Dellaca
Managing Director,
Brandhouse Ltd.

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